Friday, September 12, 2008

The English Homework

So i wrote my descriptive paragraph about a certain car (shocker). Well you see i couldn't really help it,- it comes naturally. But my other problem is that the paragraph wasn't long enough for me so once, i finished it, i wanted to continue it or write another one. You see i wrote it about a certain car and its many finishes. My paragraph only described one of the finishes though and there are at least two more.
So at most i could write a short paper with an intro, 3 main body paragraphs, and a closing summary thing. So do i get extra credit if i do that? Probably not but i might do it anyways and turn it into my online class on cars; they should appericiate it. One other thing, if you like cars like me and you know which car i am talking about, then you will be pleased to know that out of the 320 cars that they made (that includes the rare finishes) there are two sitting in a Bentley dealership in downtown Chicago @ 834 N. Rush St. Yes i memorized the address so sue me.
P.S. i don't have any money, i am a poor college student. But if anyone wants to donate about a million dollars to the Buy Emma a Car Fund then by all means, feel free. (i accept PayPal)


Kaei said...

I think that it's really cool that you're interested in cars. I wish that I knew a lot more about cars, maybe I should just go out and learn!!