Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Zenvo ST1 the next greatest thing to come from the dutch since the Spyker

Well there she is the Zenvo ST1 the greatest thing to come from the Dutch since that one Spyker company which only makes like one car, well variations on the one car, jk i just found and SUV concept car in there files the 2006 Spyker D12 Peking to Paris. And it turns out that they have had at least 5 different cars since 2005 and a bike, like an actual bike with no motor and two wheels the AeroBlade its called. Super Smashing name!
Just for flow here are the 5 cars that they have made since 2005 even thought they could all be mistaken for being the same car they just are that similar.
  1. The 2010 Laviolette
  2. The 2009 Aileron
  3. The 2007 Zagato
  4. The 2006 La Turble
  5. And the original 2005 C8

And then for the other dutch company the Zenvo people which that is just the coolest name ever i love it.

They have made so far the: um nothing really this is it so far.

All the articles talk about how amazing the lines are, and i agree the lines are amazing no sorry they call them "free flowing accelerating lines" because apparently there is a difference hmm yes i can see that.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Forza MotorSport 3, with my baby.

"The Bugatti Veyron is a technological masterpiece, not so much that it made 1,000 HP, cause that's not really that hard to do with an 8-liter engine. But more in the sense that it's drive-able as a 1,000 HP car. An automatic gear-box that can take a 4400 pound car at 987 HP and put it to the ground with all the Rev and not have it blow up, and it's got to do that for 120,000 miles. It's not even just like the power or anything. It's the SCALE this is a 1,000 HP, 16- cylinder, 4 turbo motor that is smaller than a big block Chevy. The Veyron itself is 5 inches shorter than the current market Jetta, it's not even a big car, to have such a beautiful design and be able to hit 250 mph without it just frizbeeing off the road . . . is it's just incredible."

Aaron Brooks
-Vehicle QA Artist-for- TURN 10
Talking about the Bugatti Veyron that they modeled for the Forza MotorSport 3 game out on XBOX 360.

Which i am considering being a convert and buying an XBOX 360 unless -when Gran Turismo 5 comes out in March 2010 for the PS3- its blows it out of the water.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pleading NBC to renew Knight Rider 2008

I can't tell everyone at NBC how much watching Knight Rider means to me. It's basically the coolest show ever, and I look forward to it every Wednesday. I love watching KITT pull off his tricks they make me scream; dance and sing, and I can’t wait to see more. The cast is also a wonderful group of people they have great chemistry with each other, especially Billy and Zoey. I enjoy how FLAG head quarters seems like such a vast complicated complex with all the rooms, and pods and things; very cool. I love KITTs report with the cast, they treat him like a member of the family, and it’s cool how he's slowly forming a sense of humor and an understanding of human emotions. It's sad that Sarah's dad had to die, but the team moved past it and now the show is better than ever.

So PLEASE bring back Knight Rider 2008 for a 2nd and maybe even a 3rd season, the show is my favorite, I’ve seen all the episodes at least two times. And I seriously can't live without it. In a world such as the state that ours is in, a show like yours has the power to make one day of the week, something fun and exciting to look forward to.
You guys have to bring it back. Because I need it and so many other people need it to. I just loves cars so much and your show is the epitome of every car fantasy I’ve ever had, only with a Bugatti, but I’ll take the Shelby GT500KR (Knight Rider) any day of the week (like Wednesdays).

Thanks so much for reading, 2nd season here we come---Right?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Need For Speed: undercover update

So here the list of Need for Speed games i have, and haven't finished yet...
-NFS: Underground
-NFS: Pro Street
So here's the list of PS3 games in general that i haven't finished/ beaten yet...
-Lego Star Wars 3
-Lego Batman
-GTA San Andreas
-Marvel Ultimate Alliance
-Burn Out Paradise
- A host of other PS2 games that work on the new system
- Some Ratchet and Clank action

Anyways what I'm trying to say is that i am a master of starting things and not finishing them. So this update is extremely important because we beat one. I say we because my brother and i sat done for about 5 hours and beat the last of the 5 bosses left in the NFS Undercover game. We did the whole thing with the tricked out Bugatti Veyron, its NOS is just amazing.

One stupid thing though that i do have a major complaint about, well maybe more than one.
Firstly the Bugatti i brought and tricked for the game is so way faster then any of the stupid Porsche Police cars that caught me, that its not even close to being realistic. Hello, the reason i saved money in the game and didn't cheat was so i could have her and smoke all-ya-all. Which i did in the races, but the cops are apparently have super amazing cars that no matter the make or model can do what ever the hell they want. So your motivation for winning races, getting money, and parts is so that you can beat the cops- well you CAN'T.

Secondly, once the game is beaten you can't just play the game, and drive around the NFS world because there is fricking cops everywhere. And you know what that means, once you get stopped by the cops three or more times your outta here. They TAKE YOUR CAR. So i save and i buy my Bugatti for a cheap 375,000 dollars and i drive her around because she is amazing. Then because all i want to do is drive fast ( its top speed is 253 plus) (seriously) they stop me, and take her away from me. What then, i don't know i haven't let it happen yet. But I'm guessing -and this pisses me off- but you have to save and buy it all over again.

Seriously, what the hell.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I am so scared of myself sometimes.

Last night I was watching the news with my parents, shocker I know because I rarely if ever watch the news (it's too depressing). So on came a story about a father and daughter who were going ice fishing but the ice was to thin and their truck fell straight through the ice. The depressing part they both died, the scary part for me comes next. When they were pulling the truck out of Lake Winnebago (I think) all you could see was the shinny silver bumper, the color of the vehicle (white) and the left rear tail light. On the news they didn't put forth the make or model of the said vehicle, and by now you can guess where this is going. At the end of the news cast I commented to the rents' FYI the truck they were pulling from the lake judging by its left tail light was a late model Dodge Ram truck. Please kill me now. (Joking)

Also the truck seen driving away from the scene to get more emergency personnel was also a Dodge Ram, but it was black, not white.

Need For Speed Update

As I was saying about having enough money left over to buy the Bugatti and deck her out. Well after I completed that mission that I told every one about in the previous blog post, I did some more racing. It was hardcore racing it took buying all pro parts for my Porsche Turbo, and she was this amazing candy tangerine color, and I was in love with her. But sadly I only ending up driving her for about ten races give or take. Because after I completed these races and put away some of the competition, even my supposed girl friend in the game. Guess who was unlocked after that?............................................. THE BUGATTI VEYRON (HOLY SHIT)

Totally not kidding. And I'm sorry to say that I already got a ticket for evasive driving, in my defense it was during a mission, it wasn't like I went looking for trouble, I would never purposely put her in harms way like that. But it was in a mission that they finally brought me down after 20 min with a tack strip (I know i fell for it) (I am so ashamed). On the plus side I had enough money left over after tricking out the Porsche that I could put all pro parts on the Veyron, with a sexy paint job to boot. And I got the NOS that the Veyron I had to steal before had, the one that makes it look like its a jet car cause its got flames coming out the butt. Cool thing though is that I get to try out all of my fav Bugatti paint combos because each time the cops get hot to the beat I'm driving I just change the paint combos, its like a new car. I could put decals on the car to make it harder or easier to find? But I won't because its sacrilege to deface a Bugatti.

Segway--- I'm in love with inanimate objects.-- it gets worse-- I'm in love with inanimate objects portrayed in video games. Which just so happen to also be inanimate objects as well.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm back from an exhilarating break.

The exhilarating part of my Christmas slash J-term break is do majorly in part to a gift that i received for Christmas day. The gift that i received is a video game and not just any game, only the greatest game ever. Why is it the greatest game ever? Well because if you have by any chance been keeping up with my blog then you should have noticed a few things. 1) I am slightly obsessed with cars, 2) My favorite car is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (of any production year, and any sub-design), 3) I tend to gravitate towards things that involve cars: like magazines, models, games, movies, books, posters, and clothing. So its no surprise then when i tell you that for Christmas i got the game Need for Speed: Under Cover. Why is it amazing? Well its the first game to technically put a drivable Bugatti Veyron in it. Oh and i say technically because for corrective purposes only the game Need For Speed: Pro Street (which i also have, and thoroughly enjoyed) has a down-loadable section from the PlayStation store full of extra cars that can be added to the game, and the Bugatti is one of them. Who wants to buy a download or go through the work, they put one in NFS Under Cover you just have to unlock it, and price wise its really cheap compared to the real world, its at like a 85% discount.

Back to the exhilarating part well that happened when i made it to a part in the game where completing a mission was required of me. Now when the scene cuts to the people, the game is so well put together that i can't tell if the people are just thoroughly computer generated or if they filmed real people under a funny lamp. Anyways the mission was to steal four cars in 48 hours and get them to a dock to be delivered in time. Now before this mission started i was supposed to buy a tier 2 car and i could have, i had the money and the new car would have increased speed and handling and other things that i needed. I decided after several debates on whether to buy or not that if the game stopped progressing in missions then i would buy the tier 2 car. Not before that though because with the updates i made to my tier 3 car it was still technically better then all but 2 of the tier 2 cars.

Those cars being the Viper, and the Porsche Turbo, which would have been a hit to the wallet that was uncalled for. Because even with my lowly Evo w/ the upgrades, i made it to the car stealing mission, which was a big deal it was at 78% through the game. They had me steal these four cars, in varying degrees of hard scenarios that took several tries. The 2006 Corvette Z06, the 2006 Zonda F, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, and the 2006 Ford GT, now bear in mind that all of these cars have been modified to perfection, including the NOS on the Bugatti which makes it seem as if shes spiting flames. So i made it to the mission and after several tries i stole all the cars, and what happens at the end, well the actors come back on and tell me "we like to reward our employees" so i got a choice of 6-8 tier 2 cars, for free. Which means i used all that money i saved by not buying one, to modify the car i got which was the Porsche Turbo, and i still have enough money left over to buy the Bugatti (once i unlock it of course).

This game is rad and every car enthusiast should buy it and play it. Even when i have beaten the game i will go play it again from beginning to end and pick different cars because their are 55 different ones to choose from, which could have the game playing be a different experience every time. Oh and everyone needs to factor in the screaming that will undoubtedly take place when the Bugatti revs her engine and appears on screen- you know i screamed- all decked out and ready to drive.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

This I Believe . . .

In these uncertain times I believe in the written word, written in books, magazines, and essays to create fantasy worlds in which we can escape into. When the worlds walls are crumbling down around us, especially during the "great recession" we need a place to go to. A place that isn't very expensive or hard to get to, as long as we don't go into ourselves and become socially inept. Be it a place like your own little cave, nook or cranny, a place that's all your own preferably in your own house. A place where nothing and everything doesn't matter anymore, for about the next hour or so. If I had a choice between taking a cat nap that's over by the time your head hits the pillow, or filling the time with a few chapters out of the book I'm reading; i choose the reading. When your reading, your relaxing, your laying down or in some kind of prone position, its technically sleeping only your head is not par-taking.

Some negatives will come to light after following this regimen for a few months, one i consider is how i confuse my waking world with my reading world. It usually goes that people confuse their dreaming world with their waking one, but my dream world ironically seems really similar to my reading one. Even more so if i read right before i go to bed, then i dream about what i just read. Reading may also come across one negative connotation when the book your reading is so good that it eclipses other more important things in your day. Like food consumption, homework indulgence, work repulsion, basically just everyday activities that need to happen.

I have found out though that people with really good self control don't have to worry about it. So guess what human capacity skill i have been working on, because i seem to have very little of it. I bet when my third grade teacher Bebe Fieling taught me how to read and i excelled at it, i don't think she knew it would take me this far. i have a bad day at school maybe i fail something, i go home and read. My family has a conversation a.k.a. we yell loud sentences across the house at each other, i go read. My dog has a seizure that brings him this much closer to an early grave, and i gather my emotions and lay them into the pages of my book. My favorite time to spend reading with myself is when the weather outside is really cold, then i go crawl under the blankets in my bed and suck myself into an alternate reality. A reality where everything is emotionally friendly and its a fantasy realm where people can stay as long as they need to, or wish like me to never be heard from again. A realm with no government, no economy, and they haven't been able to find their 401K, social security, or retirement plan in years.