Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is so James Bond

Check this out, its called the sQuba, its made by Rinspeed (Rinspeed is a Swiss company that specializes in modifying production cars to create high-performance or novelty versions). It will never go into production (to expensive and all that) but that doesn't take away from the fact that it totally should. Its an underwater car that's completely submersible, the cockpit isn't enclosed its open to the water-so how to i breath? Well don your scuba suit and your tank, then jump into the completely water resistant seats (even resistant to the salt water) and drive into a lake. The reason its so James Bond is because its a take back from the movie"The Spy Who Loved Me" where guess what? they had an underwater car, only this ones for real. I don't know if you've figured this out yet but the reason for no roof is all about pressure and how to equalize that pressure (which is really hard to do, and would require a bunch of extra stuff in the car that you just don't need).

How does it work-well it has five separate electric motors, one for the rear wheels of the car when they are on land (like a normal car). On land the car can reach speeds of 75mph.
Two for the underwater propellers which shoot the car forward at about 3 mph, and two more for the steering jets on either side of the front of the car.

All you need to do to get underwater is, get the breathing apparatus from behind your seat, grab your diving goggles, drive down a smooth ramp and flood the driving compartment. To get back out of the water just point your front jets down,(do the opposite if you want to go deeper) and once you reach the surface, the water in the driving compartment is drained back out, so the car is once again buoyant like a boat. Then just get back to your ramp and drive yourself back out of the water.

Cool Right? So does the sQuba look familiar? Well it should they built it from a Lotus Elise, and Rinspeed has no immediate plans for production, the only one in existence costs 1.5 mil. According to Rinspeed though if the car did go into production it would be marketed to the more well off people of the world for a cost less than the Rolls-Royce.

This is your water proof dash board-