Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Regress, my heart the cd player

There is an event that happens frequently to me, i think up amazing theories and ideas right before i lose consciousness (when I'm going to sleep). I've taken to keeping my cell phone next to me when I'm going to go to sleep, because with a full texting keyboard its easy to write myself notes, either to blog about later like i am now or to just contemplate when i have free time.

I need to lay the background for this one first before i explain my theory. Otherwise it will just seem as though i'm insane which i am really not, atleast i don't think, I am. When i was a senior in high school my mother convinced me to take Anatomy and Physiology, because she said it would be good to learn about my body and how to better take care of it. And i did learn all of that, along with being better associated with my body. So that now I'm coming at everything it does from a different angle. Almost like an out of body experience, which i think i had when we visited the cadaver lab as a field trip. One of the main points that struck me the most, and now I keep the idea with me always, is the heart. In class we figured out how many beats your heart does in an hour, a day, a week, and even a year. It boggles the mind to think that there is this thing inside of you that you've never seen before, that's keeping you alive, and if your lucky never falters.

When i was falling asleep i was contemplating my heart beat apparently because, i was thinking about how amazing that one muscle in your body really is, It Never Stops. Every second, of every day, of your entire life, it keeps beating. Now things can happen to it, of course they can, heart disease, stoke, and heart attacks (that depending on the severity may require major surgery) to name a few. So in my late night musing i was determining what my heart reminded me of, and this is what i came up with (don't ask-because i don't know) a CD player.

If a CD player is made correctly of out good strong materials it can last for a very long time. Cd players are born much like hearts. CD players are put together in a factory and then sent to a store. While Hearts are put together inside your body by your mothers body, and then sent to the hospital. To ensure that your CD player has a long life it is good to always keep fresh batteries on hand in case it runs out. Along with keeping the inside sensor clean, and the Cd's un-scratched, it should be in good shape. To keep your heart going it is always good to keep fresh blood flowing into the muscle so that its always at full power. Also keeping oxygen and sustenance around is good to.

Now to avoid any mishaps with your CD player it is always good to keep track of it, don't drop it, step on it, or run it over with your car, just basic maintenance stuff. If a person tries successfully to keep their player out of danger zones then it will last considerably longer. With your heart its the same way, take aspirin if need be, don't eat to many fatty foods, watch your blood pressure, and check your cholesterol regularly. Just basically stay out of the danger zones.

But if you do accidentally drop your player and it needs fixing where do you take it, either the store that your got it from, or buy the broken part from the factory. If your heart enters a danger zone and needs to be fixed, you would either go back to the hospital it came from or one like it and they can fix it, or you would have to go back to the source to find the similar missing section.

As once said by the energizer bunny "keep going." If you take care of a CD player the way that everyone should be taking care of their heart, both machines will "keep going" for a very long time.


Cassandra Jens said...

I loved your blog! I read the whole thing through; you are a very good writer and your blog looks great! I too enjoy those simple comparisons that we have euphonies about. That's a good idea to keep something at bedside in order to remember the ideas to write about down the line. I commend the effort you put into your writing - it's very enjoyable to read.