Thursday, December 4, 2008

She's sad, I could make her happy.

The Aston Martin car company has a new vehicle, so new that there are a limited amount of pictures to found of it, the ones i can find are breath-taking. Aston Martin is famous for making the amazing Vanquish, Vantage, Volante and the DBS editions that everyone sees in the super cool Bond, James Bond movies. Now while looking at their new car anyone comparing it the the ones mentioned above can see where its gets some of its designs, but then again some of them are new and different from the older models. Last time i checked the site where i get my pics from they had three which included deep shadow effects cloaking most of the car from view. Now they have seven images, and the new four you can see the actual car, and holy crap.

The new car is called the Aston Martin One-77 project, and it was originally purposed in august of 2008. It will be officially begin production in the fourth quarter of 2009, and be called a 2010 car. It comes with a version of an engine they have used before a V-12, only this one is new, it has 7.3 liters. It will have a complete carbon-fiber body to help with Aero-dynamics and weight, top speed excess of 200 mph. As can be expected by the name they will only make 77 models, and each one will be individually numbered and delivers start end of 2009, so I assume the orders will be taken before then, so everyone pay attention.

Back to the new noticeable design features of the car, what strikes me the most is the front side cuts, they start at the head lights and continue down to the front bumper of the car. Now they say first impressions are everything, and when i first heard she was coming out i went in search of her picture, and my first reaction to it was. . . why so sad? Because the front side cuts i mentioned, sincerely resemble tear ducks if a car were to have any, it seems as if she's crying. Now side note i know its odd, but i frequently talk to my cars, try to understand their feelings, give them names and so on. (i have a blue Chevy Cavalier named Chip) So if by any miracle i were to own one of these cars i would forever be trying to make her happy. It basically looks like shes going to cry, almost like a basset hound dog, they also have pretty droopy eyes. Maybe instead of changing the whole front end of the car just so the person driving her doesn't feel inclined to be depressed all the time, they could just paint her a happy, cheerful color. I suggest red, yellow, or white, because fun colors like pink, and orange i have found don't seem to take well to Aston Martins. A grayish blue color would look good to.
And if in the future they did decide that this car does look rather sad, well then they could remake the car with some super cool new technology into a mood car. The car's expression changes with that of the drivers. Almost like that movie 'Cars' except the car doesn't drive itself, you drive it and it is an ultimate reflection of your personality. Example drive into work, someone sees you coming and without having to talk to you, can decide to avoid you the rest of the day based on the frown you drove up in. Cool right? I think so. I'd buy one.