Thursday, November 6, 2008

So you say your a soccer mom?

Lets just fantasize for a second that your a newly initiated PTA member and soon to be soccer mom. Lets also say for the sake of argument that you are considerably well off, and spending upwards of $450,000 dollars on a vehicle is not a big stretch for you. So, with a few of your daughters, more well behaved friends and no known way to get them to practice in style what's a mom to do? How. About. A. Four. Door. Lamborghini.

Also for the sake of another argument, if you just feel so inclined to be a single well to do mother, lets just say several males may follow the carpool home from practice.

This is what you ask for when you drive into your local Lamborghini dealership, the Estoque. Another good technicality for me personally involving the Lambo, is how they all have the tendency to look so very similar, well they've changed the mold with this one. Its even long for a Lambo as they say, which means ample leg room for your little soccer players, while still managing to have the leg room up front. They saved enough space for the sports duffel bags in the trunk. That's what I call functionality and style. The interior boasts "Nappa leather" for the young girls delicate skin, perfect for long comfortable trips to . . . away games?

Don't forget every mom's dream to have a little get away power. Maybe a crazed fan or more commonly, a pissed parent from the other team; you won't be disappointed. Next time you take your precious carpool vehicle in for a check up take time to look under the hood with your mechanic and you'll be pleasantly surprised: a 560 horsepower, V-10 engine with a top speed of 190 mph. I'd like to see that mean little girl's mommy's Escalade catch that. She will be kissing your rear view mirror.

One more thing to worry about, what will the other mothers think when you drive up in this gas guzzler, other than the fact that you could care less about what they think. Well no worries. I have looked into the future and it seems bright for you with the strong possibility of a Lamborghini Estoque Hybrid; what now PTA moms.


Kaei said...

It seems a little unpractical to drive such a nice car to soccer practice, but the kids would love it.

Jake said...

I saw that at the paris auto show and I have to say that it really surprised me that Lamborghini is making a 4 door! It's got the Quattroporte beat, but I think the M5 is still good competition for A LOT less..