Friday, October 17, 2008

Update: Another Convertible

When you saw the summer blockbuster movie Iron Man-- (i assume everyone in their right mind saw it because it's awesome)-- you don't have to be overly observant to have noticed one of Tony Stark's many super cars, the one he drove the most was the Audi R8. If you haven't guessed the subject of this post yet, well guess what, the Audi R8 went topless.

Yes indeed and not a Targa top either as many had thought, but in actuality a fabric top was chosen. Several sections of the original car were converted in order for the convertible-ness to happen, they include a new engine cover, the fuel cap being moved from the side pillar of the car to the rear panel on the same side, and new design lines cut into the side panels. Another area of the car that has been changed are these two side intakes called "side blades" which were removed to make the storing the top an easier feat. This topless beauty will be available March 2009, same as my other Convertible update candidate, you know who, the Bugatti. But in the US the date is being pushed back to mid 2010. Also depending on how this convertible does they will later put a V-10 into it... sweet.

Any-who, for those sad people that can't visualize what this "change" will look like here are your before and after pictures courtesy of Me.

Before--See the "side blades?"--After