Friday, October 17, 2008

Update: Convertibles

If anyone has by any chance been keeping up with my blog, or has ever glanced at it they would realize that i am a sports car enthusiast, and that my dream car is a Bugatti Veyron. On the subject of Bugatti Veyrons, i am reminding everyone that there are est. 325 in the world, and not all are up for sale. Many other similar minded people like myself think there should be more of them, or more varieties, of the original scheme. The current flavors being the Pur Sang, Fbg par Herm├Ęs, Sang Noir, and now the new one is the Grand Sport. The unique feature of the Grand Sport is that its an answer to a request posed by current Bugatti owners, they want a convertible super car. So they got one.

The roof is a hard top, polycarbonate, see through, removable masterpiece. Also known as a Targa top, because only a section of the roof is removable while the roll bars stay in place. The Grand Sport has no roll bars because there is no need, the car is already built with its high-mount carbon-fiber intake valves which stick out farther then the rest of the car anyways. So if by some act of God you do feel the urge to roll your $2.4 million dollar vehicle, just know that the air intake valves of your engine will be their to protect you.
The specific car seen in the picture was put on display at the Pebble Beach Concours weekend auction in Monterey. It went for $3.2 million and all the proceeds from the car sales that day go to the Pebble Beach Company Foundation.
Some other changes that can be seen in the Grand Sport includes a tweaking of the carbon-fiber monocoque, basically they made the chassis stiffer, to with stand the whole not having a roof and going really fast thing. With the top off the top speed is sadly reduced to 224mph instead of its amazing 253mph, but hey it's still the fastest convertible in the world. More changes include a higher windshield, different LED headlights, and a new style for the rims called "horseshoe."
So what happens if your driving in your worlds fastest convertible and the sky starts to rain on your parade, well of course Bugatti thinks of everything. How about a limited use soft top, according to Bugatti just store it in your truck like an umbrella. Now Bugatti fans, they are building 150 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport vehicles, but the first 40 are reserved for the current Bugatti owners. So if we add 150 to the 325 already floating around we get 475 Bugatti Veyrons in the entire world (whether or not their available still remains to be seen). If you by chance want a Grand Sport issue of the Bugatti Veyron you can expect it to run you about $2.1 million dollars, and be available March 2009, happy hunting.