Thursday, December 4, 2008

The funny pod cars

The funny pod cars are designed to be environmentally friendly and supposedly people consider them to be "cute," yeah right. I'm not sure if anyone has seen Jeff Dunham the comedian, but he does a sketch with some puppets, and one is concerning his wife's car. His wife drives a Toyota Prius, and Jeff drives an original H1 Hummer, and when gas was really high he drove her car too. His puppet makes the joke that when a man drives down the street in a prius all anyone hears is the sound "i'm gaaaaaaayyyyyyy" instead of the small cars usual wine. Now I've been seeing a lot of funny pod cars come out recently, so I've made my own joke, not only is their top speed just about 45 mph but you hear this when they drive by "i was born a human, but ultimately decided to live life as a fairy." "Go figure." Instead of its usual wine.

I call them funny pod cars because one of them is actually referred to as the Chrysler GEM PeaPod (ha), "hey look I'm driving around in a peapod, next I will sprout a growth from my tires!" What is a GEM PeaPod? well its a . . . I'm not sure, but i will include some pictures of these interesting vehicles, while the names of the others will be provided if you feel so inclined to look up the pictures yourself, you know feed your curiosity. (if you can call them that)(vehicles, i mean, because they sure are interesting. . . looking.)

These cars are funny because they at most could hold one and a half regular sized people, or one football player. What they seem to be originally designed for are four smaller sized people, or a fraggle of faeries (which i estimate to be about 100 at max). And not only do these cars not hold very much but they look RIDICULOUS seriously some of these cars are just a big funny looking joke. Yes, i get that they are mostly concepts and are supposed to look futuristic, but come on people whose going to drive something that looks like a big blue bouncy ball that sprouted tires, it un-natural, and un-ethical, and dumb.

Example: You drive into work one day in the near future and park next to your friends new mood car (idea from previous blog post) even though it shows that he's sad, he brightens up the moment he sees your car. The big blue bouncy ball that sprouted tires, changes his expression from gloomy to ROTPL rolling on the pavement laughing. Then when he asks you what it is you reply well it is environmentally friendly, like that will make up for that fact that you just climbed out of a clown car. Except nobody crawled out behind you, continually proving that only faeries, not clowns or humans can fit comfortably into the bubble car. Some of these funny pod cars are so insane that they only have one door that opens to the front of the vehicle, some even have just three tires (isn't that a tricycle, not a car).

Here is the list of shame, the list of funny pod cars, the list of the big maybe blue bouncy ball cars. So far as i can tell anyways.

----------Chrysler GEM Peapod (pictured above)

  • Ford Ka

  • Toyota iQ, Rin, Hi-CT

  • Suzuki Alto

  • Renault ZE Concept

  • Nissan Nuru concept, Pivo 2 (pictured above, below the first), Mixim

  • Honda Puyo

  • Subaru G4e concept

  • Chevy Beat, Matiz

  • SEAT Tribu

  • Mazda Kiyora concept

Did you notice that its not just the Japanese making these cars anymore?