Sunday, December 7, 2008

This I Believe . . .

In these uncertain times I believe in the written word, written in books, magazines, and essays to create fantasy worlds in which we can escape into. When the worlds walls are crumbling down around us, especially during the "great recession" we need a place to go to. A place that isn't very expensive or hard to get to, as long as we don't go into ourselves and become socially inept. Be it a place like your own little cave, nook or cranny, a place that's all your own preferably in your own house. A place where nothing and everything doesn't matter anymore, for about the next hour or so. If I had a choice between taking a cat nap that's over by the time your head hits the pillow, or filling the time with a few chapters out of the book I'm reading; i choose the reading. When your reading, your relaxing, your laying down or in some kind of prone position, its technically sleeping only your head is not par-taking.

Some negatives will come to light after following this regimen for a few months, one i consider is how i confuse my waking world with my reading world. It usually goes that people confuse their dreaming world with their waking one, but my dream world ironically seems really similar to my reading one. Even more so if i read right before i go to bed, then i dream about what i just read. Reading may also come across one negative connotation when the book your reading is so good that it eclipses other more important things in your day. Like food consumption, homework indulgence, work repulsion, basically just everyday activities that need to happen.

I have found out though that people with really good self control don't have to worry about it. So guess what human capacity skill i have been working on, because i seem to have very little of it. I bet when my third grade teacher Bebe Fieling taught me how to read and i excelled at it, i don't think she knew it would take me this far. i have a bad day at school maybe i fail something, i go home and read. My family has a conversation a.k.a. we yell loud sentences across the house at each other, i go read. My dog has a seizure that brings him this much closer to an early grave, and i gather my emotions and lay them into the pages of my book. My favorite time to spend reading with myself is when the weather outside is really cold, then i go crawl under the blankets in my bed and suck myself into an alternate reality. A reality where everything is emotionally friendly and its a fantasy realm where people can stay as long as they need to, or wish like me to never be heard from again. A realm with no government, no economy, and they haven't been able to find their 401K, social security, or retirement plan in years.