Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm back from an exhilarating break.

The exhilarating part of my Christmas slash J-term break is do majorly in part to a gift that i received for Christmas day. The gift that i received is a video game and not just any game, only the greatest game ever. Why is it the greatest game ever? Well because if you have by any chance been keeping up with my blog then you should have noticed a few things. 1) I am slightly obsessed with cars, 2) My favorite car is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (of any production year, and any sub-design), 3) I tend to gravitate towards things that involve cars: like magazines, models, games, movies, books, posters, and clothing. So its no surprise then when i tell you that for Christmas i got the game Need for Speed: Under Cover. Why is it amazing? Well its the first game to technically put a drivable Bugatti Veyron in it. Oh and i say technically because for corrective purposes only the game Need For Speed: Pro Street (which i also have, and thoroughly enjoyed) has a down-loadable section from the PlayStation store full of extra cars that can be added to the game, and the Bugatti is one of them. Who wants to buy a download or go through the work, they put one in NFS Under Cover you just have to unlock it, and price wise its really cheap compared to the real world, its at like a 85% discount.

Back to the exhilarating part well that happened when i made it to a part in the game where completing a mission was required of me. Now when the scene cuts to the people, the game is so well put together that i can't tell if the people are just thoroughly computer generated or if they filmed real people under a funny lamp. Anyways the mission was to steal four cars in 48 hours and get them to a dock to be delivered in time. Now before this mission started i was supposed to buy a tier 2 car and i could have, i had the money and the new car would have increased speed and handling and other things that i needed. I decided after several debates on whether to buy or not that if the game stopped progressing in missions then i would buy the tier 2 car. Not before that though because with the updates i made to my tier 3 car it was still technically better then all but 2 of the tier 2 cars.

Those cars being the Viper, and the Porsche Turbo, which would have been a hit to the wallet that was uncalled for. Because even with my lowly Evo w/ the upgrades, i made it to the car stealing mission, which was a big deal it was at 78% through the game. They had me steal these four cars, in varying degrees of hard scenarios that took several tries. The 2006 Corvette Z06, the 2006 Zonda F, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, and the 2006 Ford GT, now bear in mind that all of these cars have been modified to perfection, including the NOS on the Bugatti which makes it seem as if shes spiting flames. So i made it to the mission and after several tries i stole all the cars, and what happens at the end, well the actors come back on and tell me "we like to reward our employees" so i got a choice of 6-8 tier 2 cars, for free. Which means i used all that money i saved by not buying one, to modify the car i got which was the Porsche Turbo, and i still have enough money left over to buy the Bugatti (once i unlock it of course).

This game is rad and every car enthusiast should buy it and play it. Even when i have beaten the game i will go play it again from beginning to end and pick different cars because their are 55 different ones to choose from, which could have the game playing be a different experience every time. Oh and everyone needs to factor in the screaming that will undoubtedly take place when the Bugatti revs her engine and appears on screen- you know i screamed- all decked out and ready to drive.