Monday, February 16, 2009

Need For Speed Update

As I was saying about having enough money left over to buy the Bugatti and deck her out. Well after I completed that mission that I told every one about in the previous blog post, I did some more racing. It was hardcore racing it took buying all pro parts for my Porsche Turbo, and she was this amazing candy tangerine color, and I was in love with her. But sadly I only ending up driving her for about ten races give or take. Because after I completed these races and put away some of the competition, even my supposed girl friend in the game. Guess who was unlocked after that?............................................. THE BUGATTI VEYRON (HOLY SHIT)

Totally not kidding. And I'm sorry to say that I already got a ticket for evasive driving, in my defense it was during a mission, it wasn't like I went looking for trouble, I would never purposely put her in harms way like that. But it was in a mission that they finally brought me down after 20 min with a tack strip (I know i fell for it) (I am so ashamed). On the plus side I had enough money left over after tricking out the Porsche that I could put all pro parts on the Veyron, with a sexy paint job to boot. And I got the NOS that the Veyron I had to steal before had, the one that makes it look like its a jet car cause its got flames coming out the butt. Cool thing though is that I get to try out all of my fav Bugatti paint combos because each time the cops get hot to the beat I'm driving I just change the paint combos, its like a new car. I could put decals on the car to make it harder or easier to find? But I won't because its sacrilege to deface a Bugatti.

Segway--- I'm in love with inanimate objects.-- it gets worse-- I'm in love with inanimate objects portrayed in video games. Which just so happen to also be inanimate objects as well.