Monday, February 16, 2009

I am so scared of myself sometimes.

Last night I was watching the news with my parents, shocker I know because I rarely if ever watch the news (it's too depressing). So on came a story about a father and daughter who were going ice fishing but the ice was to thin and their truck fell straight through the ice. The depressing part they both died, the scary part for me comes next. When they were pulling the truck out of Lake Winnebago (I think) all you could see was the shinny silver bumper, the color of the vehicle (white) and the left rear tail light. On the news they didn't put forth the make or model of the said vehicle, and by now you can guess where this is going. At the end of the news cast I commented to the rents' FYI the truck they were pulling from the lake judging by its left tail light was a late model Dodge Ram truck. Please kill me now. (Joking)

Also the truck seen driving away from the scene to get more emergency personnel was also a Dodge Ram, but it was black, not white.