Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Need For Speed: undercover update

So here the list of Need for Speed games i have, and haven't finished yet...
-NFS: Underground
-NFS: Pro Street
So here's the list of PS3 games in general that i haven't finished/ beaten yet...
-Lego Star Wars 3
-Lego Batman
-GTA San Andreas
-Marvel Ultimate Alliance
-Burn Out Paradise
- A host of other PS2 games that work on the new system
- Some Ratchet and Clank action

Anyways what I'm trying to say is that i am a master of starting things and not finishing them. So this update is extremely important because we beat one. I say we because my brother and i sat done for about 5 hours and beat the last of the 5 bosses left in the NFS Undercover game. We did the whole thing with the tricked out Bugatti Veyron, its NOS is just amazing.

One stupid thing though that i do have a major complaint about, well maybe more than one.
Firstly the Bugatti i brought and tricked for the game is so way faster then any of the stupid Porsche Police cars that caught me, that its not even close to being realistic. Hello, the reason i saved money in the game and didn't cheat was so i could have her and smoke all-ya-all. Which i did in the races, but the cops are apparently have super amazing cars that no matter the make or model can do what ever the hell they want. So your motivation for winning races, getting money, and parts is so that you can beat the cops- well you CAN'T.

Secondly, once the game is beaten you can't just play the game, and drive around the NFS world because there is fricking cops everywhere. And you know what that means, once you get stopped by the cops three or more times your outta here. They TAKE YOUR CAR. So i save and i buy my Bugatti for a cheap 375,000 dollars and i drive her around because she is amazing. Then because all i want to do is drive fast ( its top speed is 253 plus) (seriously) they stop me, and take her away from me. What then, i don't know i haven't let it happen yet. But I'm guessing -and this pisses me off- but you have to save and buy it all over again.

Seriously, what the hell.