Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pleading NBC to renew Knight Rider 2008

I can't tell everyone at NBC how much watching Knight Rider means to me. It's basically the coolest show ever, and I look forward to it every Wednesday. I love watching KITT pull off his tricks they make me scream; dance and sing, and I can’t wait to see more. The cast is also a wonderful group of people they have great chemistry with each other, especially Billy and Zoey. I enjoy how FLAG head quarters seems like such a vast complicated complex with all the rooms, and pods and things; very cool. I love KITTs report with the cast, they treat him like a member of the family, and it’s cool how he's slowly forming a sense of humor and an understanding of human emotions. It's sad that Sarah's dad had to die, but the team moved past it and now the show is better than ever.

So PLEASE bring back Knight Rider 2008 for a 2nd and maybe even a 3rd season, the show is my favorite, I’ve seen all the episodes at least two times. And I seriously can't live without it. In a world such as the state that ours is in, a show like yours has the power to make one day of the week, something fun and exciting to look forward to.
You guys have to bring it back. Because I need it and so many other people need it to. I just loves cars so much and your show is the epitome of every car fantasy I’ve ever had, only with a Bugatti, but I’ll take the Shelby GT500KR (Knight Rider) any day of the week (like Wednesdays).

Thanks so much for reading, 2nd season here we come---Right?