Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Forza MotorSport 3, with my baby.

"The Bugatti Veyron is a technological masterpiece, not so much that it made 1,000 HP, cause that's not really that hard to do with an 8-liter engine. But more in the sense that it's drive-able as a 1,000 HP car. An automatic gear-box that can take a 4400 pound car at 987 HP and put it to the ground with all the Rev and not have it blow up, and it's got to do that for 120,000 miles. It's not even just like the power or anything. It's the SCALE this is a 1,000 HP, 16- cylinder, 4 turbo motor that is smaller than a big block Chevy. The Veyron itself is 5 inches shorter than the current market Jetta, it's not even a big car, to have such a beautiful design and be able to hit 250 mph without it just frizbeeing off the road . . . is it's just incredible."

Aaron Brooks
-Vehicle QA Artist-for- TURN 10
Talking about the Bugatti Veyron that they modeled for the Forza MotorSport 3 game out on XBOX 360.

Which i am considering being a convert and buying an XBOX 360 unless -when Gran Turismo 5 comes out in March 2010 for the PS3- its blows it out of the water.